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by testing your

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Why test your thumbnails?

Testing your thumbnails (and titles) with your real audience gives you insight in which alternative catches the most eyes, and which is the most interesting to potential viewers. This way, you can make sure your video gets as many clicks as possible, and the reach it deserves!

Using our tool allows you easily generate a sharable test link with your thumbnail and title alternatives. The generated test is split into two parts, where the first part measures how easy it is for the respondent to find your uploaded thumbnail on common video page layouts, and the second has the respondent pick their favorite thumbnail or title. Responding to a test usually takes less than one minute, and creating a test is not more difficult than that. The collected data is also made to be easily readable, without any prior knowledge or experience.

Here's how to get started:


Register an account. You can do so for free using the button below.



Create your test by uploading your thumbnails and importing your titles.


Share the generated test link with your audience and await responses.


Use the data you've gathered to make an informed desicion about your next video.

Feel ready? Get started for free!

It is free and easy to create an account and start testing. If you later wish to get more features, you can upgrade your account. Read more on our pricing page.