About Us

What is ThumbnailTester?

ThumbnailTester is an easy and effective way to test your thumbnails and titles before you upload your videos, making sure it gets the attention it deserves! It's no secret that the thumbnails and title of a video is what gets clicks, so it is important to be smart when creating these.
Using ThumbnailTester, you can easily create a link to share with your actual audience. This link leads to a 1 minute test split into two parts. The first of these gather data on what what thumbnail alternative is the most attention grabbing, and the second gathers data on what thumbnail and titles seem the most interesting. A sample test is available below.
Once you have responses, the gathered data is easily readable in our panel, allowing you to make informed choices and get more clicks!

Who runs ThumbnailTester?

ThumbnailTester is created and maintained by Hugo Beck-Friis.

Sample Test

A sample test is available at